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Locally Hosted Password Management




  • Choice of access via many devices and methods:
    • KeePass Client (Windows desktop)
    • Bruce Schneier's Password Safe Client (Windows desktop)
    • Mac Client (OSX)
    • Browser Web Client
    • Apps for Android, iOS  and Windows Phone devices
  • Administrator control over access to single passwords or folders.
  • Administrator control over company-defined set of hierarchical user roles (grouping users into roles).
  • Centralized policies/configuration (optionally mandate what a group of user's client settings should be).
  • Copy role and password access function makes user default allocation simple.
  • Credit card information, Sin numbers, product keys and passwords, and even files can all be safely stored.
  • Import and export capability.
  • Backup and restore capability.







High Security


  Threat Type It Protects Against
Security Measure. External Internal
Passwords always stored in the server database, never locally. Yes! Yes!
Secure SSL connection to server: 128-bit SSL certificate. Yes! Yes!
Database is encrypted using FIPS 140-2 compliant AES256 encryption algorithm. Yes! Yes!
SHA-512 Hashing Algorithm. Yes! Yes!
In-Memory Passwords Protection: Passwords are encrypted in memory while KeePass is running. Yes! Yes!
Clipboard Clearing: After a few seconds of using a password, the clipboard is automatically cleared. Yes! not applicable
Server within your Intranet: You can run the database without any access outside of your company walls. Yes! not applicable




Read more about FIPS Compliance.





Compare Editions


Feature Community Enterprise Enterprise+
Sharing Secrets
Share secured secrets like passwords, data and sensitive information.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Manage Users
Manually create/delete/edit/disable users, assign roles, change passwords, etc.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Manage Roles
Create roles, assign permissions and/or select sub-roles.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
KeePass for Pleasant Password Server
Download for KeePass utilizes the highly secure and user friendly KeePass manager interface.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Web-based Access
Access credentials easily through the web client.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Supported Languages
English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch
Yes! Yes! Yes!
API-based Access
Programatically access credentials through the RESTful API.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Folder Management
Add/Edit/Move/Delete a folder and add entries.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Private Folder
One click creation for user private folders (can be hidden or viewable).
Yes! Yes! Yes!
File Attachments
Files can be protected the same way you protect your passwords.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Security Access View
See what access levels exist for a folder for users and roles.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Web Client Customized Settings
Turn on/off various capabilities like 'Hide Client Download Tab' if Web Client only.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Extensive Reports
All Settings Reports, User Access Report, Role Access Report.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Enhanced Reports
More user friendly reports including Access Frequency, Password Expiry, Password Age, Password Strength and Load Reports.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Scheduled Reports
Configure the recipients, frequency, time, and parameters of audit reports.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Import credentials from KeePass
Users can import from single user versions of KeePass in various formats: KDB/KDBX/CSV/XML/TXT.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Import from other Password Managers
Import from many numerous single-user systems .
Yes! Yes! Yes!
KeePass Plugin Applications
Plugins like translation and web auto type can be downloaded and used with KeePass.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
KeePass Client Offline Mode
User can cache their credentials so they can be easily accessed offline.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Smartphone Applications
iPhone, Android, and Windows phone clients provide secure mobile access through your preferred device.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Password Safe For Pleasant Password Server
Fully integrates with Bruce Schneier's Password Safe client interface.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Mac Client
Proprietary password client for Apple OSX users.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Disable Users
Easily and quickly disable users when they have left the company, eliminating further credential access.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Generate Highly Secure Passwords
Password Generator makes it easy to produce highly secure passwords.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Search and Browse Passwords
Easily find the passwords and data you need to access.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Password History
See the full credential history via Web Client.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
History Restore
Restore any key History items such as Titles, Usernames, Passwords, URL's, Notes, Custom Fields and more.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Logging to SysLog
Password Server can be configured to log events to a SysLog Server.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Two Factor Authentication
Add a second layer of security with Yubikey, Google Authenticator, or RADIUS.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Lockout Policies
Set Lockout policies for failed attempts.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Offline Server
Run your server in a secure air gapped environment, no internet access or external access ports are required.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Email Notifications
Setup automatic Email Notifications when selected Roles/Users carry out triggering actions.
Yes! Yes!
Expired Password Notification
Email users and roles when a password is about to expire.
Yes! Yes!
Access Levels
Produce and manage custom access levels; plus set granting which allows for assigning permissions to other users.
Yes! Yes!
Active Directory Integration for Users Access
Get user list from a selected server and select the ones you want to import.
Yes! Yes!
Active Directory Integration for Group Access
Get group list from a selected server and select the ones you want to import.
Yes! Yes!
LDAP and Open LDAP
Supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Integration.
Yes! Yes!
Client Configuration
Create configurations which enforce policies and assign them to specific users or groups.
Yes! Yes!
Database Logging
All user access is permanently logged as part of the encrypted database file and exportable to CSV for auditing.
Yes! Yes!
Database Backup / Restore
Automatic Scheduled back ups of your encrypted server database. Restore databases quickly and easily.
Yes! Yes!
Custom Branding
Customize the Web Client by adding a company Logo and choosing one of the available background themes.
Folder Icon Settings
Customize Entry and Group Icons to your own personal designs.
Time Limited Access
Access to entries and folders can be granted with a time limit for temporary access.
Full Pleasant Reset Server Integration
Additional Active Directory Reset accounts available on separate licenses or as a stand-alone product.
Self-Serve Active Directory Reset
Active Directory / LDAP users can reset their account password from the Windows Log On screen or via web browser.
Custom Reset Challenges
Configure requirements for account password resets using custom text and image based Reset Challenges with optional two-factor authentication.
Forced Comment Field
Administrative setting that requires a user comment for accessing a credential.
Password Auto-changer
Reset passwords on a Unix system on a scheduled basis.
Universal SSO™ Module (Details)
Added module for Enterprise, it provides unmatched security by never loading a credential on a users device.
SSO Proxy for SSH
Highly secured Single Sign On Access to Unix.







Client-Side Password Access


  • Web Client allows for user access outside the office and with any operating system.
  • Easy to use and familiar interface used by millions.
  • Only one Master Password is required to remembered by the user.
  • Most features of KeePass are supported: continue to use your favorite plug-ins.
  • Over 40 language translations available.
  • Strong security, including automatic clipboard erase.
  • Strong random password generator.
  • Import / export from existing database.
  • Searching and sorting.
  • Auto-type, Global Auto-Type Hot Key and Drag & Drop.
  • Time fields and entry attachments.
  • View password history in web client.
  • Mac Client for OSX users.
  • Mobile access with Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps.



Time Saving


  • Eliminate lost time on retrieval of forgotten passwords.
  • Active Directory / LDAP function allows for quick user import through the “Auto Import Enabled” setting and auto account creation for users on first user login.
  • Setting access levels for roles rather than individual users and then assign roles to users.
  • Client Configuration allows configuration settings to be easily set and enforced.
  • No extensive training required.





Cost Saving


  • Reduce password retrieval or reset costs managed by a help desk by 40% or more.
  • Improved productivity and downtime throughout the organization.
  • Reduce administrative costs with much greater access and controls.
  • Quick capabilities for new user setup or lapsed user disconnection.
  • Sharing of Passwords across teams is quick and simple.





Policy Enforcement


  • Establish Password policies that can be enforced.
  • Ensure accountability of every access point to sensitive data with logging tool.
  • Implement defined configurations that ensure policy adherence.
  • Access Levels definition enables variable settings that can easily be assigned to Roles or Users.





Widely Accessible




  • Web Client enables access through the internet (Any internet connected device can access Pleasant Password Server including smart phone, tablets, and home computers).
  • Native Windows clients (Keepass and Password Safe).
  • Native Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps.
  • Native OSX client.





Well Supported


  • Free Upgrades and Support for one year.
  • Video tutorials explain key features and setup, so you’re up and running fast.
  • Customized implementation and maintenance is available through local partners.







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