Old System Support

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A graphic of a clipboard with paper attachedThe Client’s Need

The client had an existing old database and dynamic diagramming website and needed to make improvements cost effectively and have access to ongoing technical support, despite the system being built incorrectly and with lack of planning for potential future changes. Rebuilding the site was not an option at the time.

A graphic of 4 interlocked puzzle piecesThe Project

A technical support plan to fix the old code as breaks occured when new data was input. Working around the severe limitations of the system to add features and modify the layout without having to rebuild everything.

Rebuilding isn’t always the best option. We can work with old code.

A graphic of gearsComponents

  • Urgent support
  • Old (legacy) applications
  • Full service hosting
  • Secure website setup
  • Ongoing IT support

A graphic of a USB thumb driveTechnology

  • HTML
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Win Forms
  • ActiveX
  • VB.net
  • ASP.net


  • MS SQL Server