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Pleasant Contract Management


  • Allows any employees who deal with contract signing, related to your clients or related to your vendors, to manage their contract lifecycle from contract creation, to negotiation, to signing.
  • Contract features include permission workflows, concise version tracking of negotiated contract changes, template contract libraries, libraries of clauses that let you search, cross reference all past variants of a clause, and change approval workflow based on type of clause, digital signing, renewal reminders, API, and more.
  • Pleasant Contract Management can be fully integrated with Pleasant Password Server and setup in 5 minutes (using same Active Directory config, same user list, same database backups, etc), or can be installed as a separate on-premise server.
  • Many of the features you have come to expect from Pleasant Password Server will also be available in Pleasant Contract Management: audit logs, notifications, required comments, granting workflow, report scheduling, and more.
  • Same "Achieve and Move On" focus on rapidly obtaining value.


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  • The contract management system is coming soon. You can earn a discount, within seconds, but without any obligation to finish purchasing later.
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"Hoping Pleasant Contract Management is as good as the Pleasant Password Server we use." @PleasantCLM