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Strategy Features

Draft contracts with strategic elements such as: discount on early payment, penalty on late payment, reward on early completion, and/or full payment only on condition. Pleasant Contract Server has features to back your business strategy.

Version control & compare, advanced filters, audit trails, and timely email alerts are just some of the many useful features. Custom integration with enterprise systems saves time and money, while corporate teams author legal contracts using a library of special clauses.

Enterprise & Community Editions

Feature Enterprise+ Enterprise Community
Microsoft Word Add-In
Create, revise, and customize contracts directly within Microsoft Word.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Contract Authoring
Author contracts directly within Microsoft Word, with the ability to: fully customize formatting, drag-and-drop from a library of legal clauses, create placeholders for specific details.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Clause Authoring & Management
Create, revise, and insert legal clauses directly into contracts within Word. Benefit from an in-built library of clauses. View all versions, with record of who approved/revised the clause.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Template Authoring & Management
Create, revise, and save templates directly within Word. Insert placeholders (variables such as date, price, or company name) that can be automatically filled-in with the contract’s details.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Clause and Template Types
Organize your clauses and templates by version and type.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
User-Defined Contract Fields
Define information to be used in the contract on creation
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Visual Workflow Editor
Customize the contract lifecycle management workflow with an easy-to-use editor.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Custom Triggers and Notifications
Customize who gets the notifications at each stage, and who provides approvals.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
DocuSign Integration
Automate creation of envelopes and transition-contracts, with DocuSign integration.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Custom Integrations via Web-based API
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Legal Entity Management
Manage contact information and names of other legal entities.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Template authoring and management
Create templates for your contracts
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Clause authoring and management
Author and version clauses for use in your contracts
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Version Control - Files, Workflows, Clauses, Templates
Ability to track individual revisions by users increases security and accountability.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
On-Premises Contract Server
Control your data on site with local hosting, on your own server. This removes the need to trust your sensitive info to third parties, and reduces risk associated with public cloud servers.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Web Browser Access
Accessible from any device with an internet connection, no additional installation required.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Manage Contract Server Users
Ability to create, delete, edit, and disable users, assign roles, and change user passwords. Ability to instantly revoke a user's access to specific contracts should that be required.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Manage Contract Server Roles
Create roles, assign permissions, and select sub-roles. Ability to allow only certain users (or roles) to perform certain tasks, such as revising clauses, approving contracts, and more.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Manage Privileges Levels
Control user/role privilege levels that restrict access to contract, template, and clause entries.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Lockout Policies
Set Lockout policies for failed login attempts and alert Administrators.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Timeout Policies
Configure inactivity log-out rules for web and application clients.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Email Notifications
Automatic email notifications when selected Roles/Users carry out triggering actions, or when contracts reach certain stages in their lifecycle. Customizable to your preferences.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Intuitive Navigation
User adoption is increased by the simple and intuitive design.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Address Types
Manage addresses by type of address for each legal entity - Billing, Shipping, Corporate.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Full Text Search
Ability to search any and all records in the repository for phrases and special clauses within the contracts stored in the contract repository.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Powerful Reporting
Flexible reports. The Dashboard features several visual graphs automatically populated with data from your contracts and workflows. Run and save customized reports for regeneration.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Custom Report Saving
Save your custom reports for regeneration at a later date
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Task-Based Dashboard
Structured allocation of tasks ensures that responsibility for each task is clear, workflows progress in a specific manner between differing roles, and each step is tracked and recorded.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Negotiation Flexibility
Negotiate contracts with advanced features like red-lining.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Repository Intelligence
Stay informed on special clauses and upcoming timelines with advance filters that provide multiple dimensional snapshot into clauses, templates, and versioned contracts.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Automatic Incremental Contract Numbering
Automatically increment invoice numbers and the contract numbers of other clients.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Unlimited Number of Unique, Editable Contracts
Yes! Yes! No
Active Directory Integration for User Permissions to Contracts
Get user list from a selected server and select the ones you want to import as users with Windows login access.
Yes! Yes! No
Active Directory Integration for Group Permissions to Contracts
Get group list from a selected server and select the ones you want to import as roles.
Yes! Yes! No
Auto-Import New Active Directory Users to Contract Server
Set up a user directory for new AD users to automatically receive Contract Server accounts.
Yes! Yes! No
Active Directory Synchronized with Contract Server
Regularly sync AD account information and check the directory connection status.
Yes! Yes! No
LDAP and Open LDAP
Supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Integration.
Yes! Yes! No
Active Directory Integration for Departments Access
Yes! Yes! No
Log server events to the database for a permanent, encrypted record of all user activity.
Yes! Yes! No
Appearance and Branding
Customize the web client by adding your company logo and one of the background themes.
Yes! No No
E-mail Templates
Custom notification email templates to alert users to changes on Contract Server.
Yes! No No
IP Range Restrictions
Ability to disallow access to users attempting to login from unauthorized IP addresses, or enforce differing login criteria based on the IP of incoming requests.
Yes! No No
SAML Single Sign On
Log in to Pleasant Contracts with your preferred SAML Identity Provider
Yes! No No

Web-Hosted Contract Management

  • Secure access via web browser (Chrome, Firefox).
  • Powerful contract authoring tools:
    • Microsoft Word add-in and integration
    • Version control and auditing
    • Library of configurable contract templates and clauses
  • Complete configuration, control, and monitoring of contract workflows.
  • Administrator control over access to each aspect of the application.
  • Administrator control over company-defined set of hierarchical user roles (grouping users into roles).
  • Active Directory import.

Powerful Contract Authoring

  • Custom Microsoft Word add-in to quickly author contracts, compare versions, use redlining during negotiations, and more.
  • Easy-to-use, familiar interface.
  • Custom user-defined fields allowing for easy updating of dates, names, and more.
  • Templating, including support for versioned contract templates.
  • Clause library, including support for versioned contract clauses.
  • Easy to check documents in and out of local machine.

Workflow Management

  • Customize and organize your organization's workflows with an easy-to use visual editor.
  • Set notifications for workflow transitions and triggers for alternative workflows.
  • Includes support for branching and parallel workflows.
  • Task-based dashboard to display relevant/active tasks.

DocuSign Integration

  • Allows both parties to easily sign contracts electronically, using eSignatures.
  • Automatically create detailed DocuSign envelopes for contract signing.
  • Automatically progress contracts through the workflow based on signing progress.

Legal Entity Management

  • Manage your contact information with 1st and 2nd party legal entities.
  • Single source of truth for names and contact information.

Time Saving

  • Eliminate lost time searching for, and following up on, a contract's status.
  • Eliminate the overhead cost of managing contract versions, and prevent the wrong version being sent.
  • Greatly decrease time associated with authoring contracts.
  • Active Directory/LDAP function allows for quick user import through the “Auto Import Enabled” setting, and automatic account creation for users on first user login.
  • Set access levels for roles rather than individual users, and then assign roles to users.
  • Client Configuration allows configuration settings to be easily set and enforced.
  • No extensive training required.

Cost Saving

  • Save costs by ensuring only the newest versions of contracts are available.
  • Improve returns by easily handling negotiations.
  • Reduce administrative costs with greater access and controls.
  • Streamline your organization's workflow.