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A flexible contract management tool whets the team's ability to draft favorable clauses that are a win-win proposition for you and your clients/partners. Pleasant Contract Server is designed by the experts to support and upgrade your business strategy around contract lifecycle management. The objective is to increase business with contracts that create favorable conditions for long-term partnerships.

Empower your trusted employees to be able to win deals quickly and efficiently.


New Ways to Co-Author Contracts

Pleasant Contract Server's co-authoring features improve your team's ability to draft favorable clauses. These special clauses - that improve the chances of a win - are easy to draft when departments co-author contracts. Contract templates and a library of clauses simplify drafting, while reducing human error.

The win-formula is to pave the way to a long-term business relationship using clauses that guarantee client success. The ability to do that in a competitive time frame is what keeps you ahead of your competition. Using a tool that is less complex than most increases your team's chances of interacting better. When the learning curve to adopt the new contract lifecycle management system is shorter, the legal team experiences positive and measurable performance improvements.

New ways to Co-Author Contracts, with Pleasant CLM

Better Preparation to Negotiate Agreements with Pleasant CLM

Better Preparation to  Negotiate Agreements

Visibility into financial and operational aspects of the contract offers an enviable confidence to the bidding team. This confidence uplifts the team's ability to skillfully negotiate the terms of contract. The ability to easily view special clauses using advanced filters allows you to compare against similar contracts. The team is able to negotiate deals in tandem with the set market goals and overall business objectives.

In order to get to the win-formula, the legal team should have a complete snapshot of the target market and various contracts under negotiation. A consolidated view of current position of each contract informs the business leaders on possible partnerships recently acquired. These recently acquired advantages could influence the negotiation tactics employed to improve profit margins, or uproot competition.

User Access Control for Secret Deals

Special clauses that play on your competitive advantage need to be guarded against security breaches. Brand legacy is often built on protected clauses that are only accessible by special permission. Pleasant Contract Server comes with military grade access and privilege management systems to store intellectual assets. Integration with Active Directory/LDAP makes it easy to implement corporate security policies, and set privileged access rules on critical contracts. The ability to instantly revoke all systems access from compromised user accounts is critical for effective control over enterprise secrets.

Highly contested markets create copycat companies that quickly replicate any advantage the pioneering company might have created. However, if the 'special clause' is protected, the company enjoys lasting benefits. Profit margins increase with increase in the duration of the contract and size of the deal. The win-formula is to not only innovate with special clauses, but to protect them from getting copied.

Protect your Competitive Advantage with Pleasant CLM

Secure Negotiation Channels with Pleasant CLM

Secure Channel for Documents Exchange 

Many contractual advantages are compromised before they are even established because the partnership-winning special clauses were emulated by competing parties before they were signed. Pleasant Contract Server's on-premises nature eliminates the need to share sensitive documents as attachments over unsecured email platforms, or to store sensitive data on a public cloud.

The win-formula is to secure not just the contracts that are signed, but more so the ones that are pending negotiation. The chances of losing a contract to competition is higher if the negotiations are hijacked by unscrupulous parties. The opportunity cost of not having a secure Contract Server far exceeds the investment required in deploying a secure contract lifecycle management system.

Clause Library for Fast Deals

Pleasant Contract Server's intelligent workflow management tool defines the rules of engagement among users & user-groups working on the contract. The customized dashboard for each user adds efficiency to the contract authoring and approval process. These product features, along with the Clause Library and Contract Templates, improve your team's ability to draft market-leading offers around early-payment benefits, timely contract renewal discounts, and more.

Strive for specificity on the terms of the contract to avoid cost overruns. Encourage your client to never miss a payment due date using custom alerts from the contract server, and create a provision for late payment penalties. Identify your client’s requirements ahead of time to eliminate the need to renegotiate, and win deals with a win-formula that is the right fit for your enterprise.

Strive for Market Exclusivity with Pleasant CLM

Strategy Software

Pleasant Contract Management Server is revolutionizing contract management. It has the ability to increase profitability, fortify cybersecurity, prevent missed opportunities for renewal and renegotiation, and significantly reduce the risk of error. Executive decision-makers and technology leaders will be keen to recognize that contract management software is a vital strategy, rather than just a tool.

Signing a contract is often a win that's celebrated. Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) should be preparation for one. Let's sign more contracts, and win more deals.

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